Аutomated systems design

Design is the most responsible and technical skills required stage of automated solutions development. At this stage, specific technical solutions are selected, the specification of installed equipment is developed, and all required calculations have been made to confirm the validity of the chosen solutions. Also, at the final stage of this step, documentation has been created that allows the customer to understand the features of the system and its further operation processes.
Design is the most respon…

Main tasks of the design phase

Development of technical documentation is carried out by using contemporary computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

The main development tools are:

Design stages

The design of complex projects is usually divided into different stages, and the result of those stages is documentation with varied details of the proposed solution:

  1. Technical Requirements (TR) - a document that allows determining the functionality of the future system, its characteristics, and economic requirements. The TR is the first document that is necessary to understand in terms of the purposes of the system that is developing
  2. Technical design - a set of documentation describing the main technical solutions that meet the requirements of the TR. The technical design should also contain the initial data for the next design stages.
  3. Detailed design - a set of documentation that allows to perform the purchasing of all necessary system components. The detailed design also contains the information for setting up the equipment: operating modes, control settings, etc.
  4. Executive documentation is the final step of the design stage. At this stage, a description of the actual installed components and running control systems is prepared. Certificates are also provided to the Purchaser confirming the required parametrization of the system including technological measurements of parameters. The preparation of executive documentation is a very important stage of system development. This set of documents is required for the facility operation service team to troubleshoot the system and also confirms the safety of the implemented is respected.
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