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TOP questions on production automation
What will I get as a result of production automation?

As a result of production automation, you will receive:

  • a significant reduction in the human factor in the process of manufacturing products or processing materials;
  • reducing the risk of accidents;
  • significant acceleration of production processes;
  • improving the quality of production;
  • transparency of production processes;
  • a clear understanding of the possibilities of each step of production for further improvement by optimizing automation tools;
What kind of software is there?

Automation software is divided into two main types:

  • Low-level software: software for controllers, SCADA systems, software for control panels, programs for frequency drives and other "field" software;
  • High-level software: programs for sorting, analysis, statistics and forecasting systems, as well as programs for communication with customer's production control systems;
Is automation of production expensive? When to return the investment?
Automation is a labor-intensive and expensive process of increasing production capabilities. But, having a highly intelligent level of automation, it is possible to significantly improve not only the production process itself, but also significantly increase the profitability of production.
What do I need to know to assess the level of Automation in my production?
Each manufacturing process is unique in terms of both the amount of Automation equipment potentially used and the production challenges required. We will help you choose the most suitable option for solving your problems.
How reliable are Automation tools now?
Existing automation tools make it possible to program and introduce equipment of almost any complexity into production. The use of programmable logic controllers with a long autonomy even in a hostile environment, without maintenance and without human intervention, is an indicator of high operational reliability.
How to upgrade our old factory automation control system?
Need to start a new production line, but the program code is closed? We will help you rewrite the software, put new pieces of equipment into operation, modernize the control system by introducing the latest Automation tools. We will also help to improve the production process to minimize the risk of failure of individual elements of control systems.
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